The company has tailored several loan products to meet the demand of its customers who are unable to access traditional funds from the Tier 1 banks, These products which was developed by SKYTRUST ranges from a duration of 3 months to 12 months, the products have has been perfected over time, incorporating the needs of its customer base and the enhancement of shareholder value.

some of these loan products are: 

  • SMC Traders Quad
  • SMC Traders Pent
  • SMC Traders Hex 
  • SMC Group Loan etc..

The primary is to make it flexible for customers to well treat unforeseen contingencies along their business operations and to have an easy access to funding with the best payment plan.



Skytrust's tailored SME loan products  is also to support our major target within the M/SME sector, and these product makes it possible for customers to turn over the investments before repayment. This is a collateral demanded product. It provides ample time to client to well manage business and its unforeseen contingencies